Lead with purpose.

Extraordinary leaders value the well-being of their employees as much as their clients’ happiness.

Our people and culture are our greatest assets. When as leaders we focus on them – individually as well as collectively – and create human-centered workplaces that foster positivity, diversity, and collaboration, they flourish – and our business thrives. 

In 2015 Gallup valued worldwide lost productivity due to a crisis of happiness in the workplace at $300 billion. Only 13% of employees across 143 countries are deemed to be engaged; 63% are not engaged and 24% are actively disengaged, acting out their unhappiness.

Whether on a global scale or reflected at a micro level within individual organisations and teams, these numbers are alarming. Yet they’re also an invitation, calling on us to pause and reflect, then, in no uncertain terms, to act – now.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.
— Henry Ford

I partner with visionary leaders who understand that positivity and productivity are both essential. They take pride in creating work experiences that elevate the way people work together.

As every situation is unique, I apply a personalised approach.
My services include:

  • Team coaching

  • Leadership development programs

  • Brand strategy and cultural alignment

  • Employee engagement programs

  • Partners mediation

  • Bespoke training workshops

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“For the repositioning of our Japanese brand in the US, Roberta worked very closely with both our teams in Japan and USA. Her research included thorough interviews to our leadership team members and many of our employees. Those interviews, her research, and workshops, have proven to be instrumental to bring awareness into the core of our company, as well as the cultural differences among the two teams. Her commitment, unique psychological approach, and strategic insight throughout the entire process were reassuring. She gained a deep understanding of our strengths and identified strategic opportunities; she helped us to reconcile differences while building consensus. We rediscovered a common purpose: The very essence of our company. Thanks to her, our executive team has become stronger than ever. It was a pleasure working with her, and we greatly appreciated her knowledge, talent, and dedication." 
— Alan Sasayama
Managing Director, Plan Do See USA, Tokyo & NYC

"'Working with Roberta has brought about a sea change in the way with which my business operates as well as how it neatly slots into my life around it. By studying the business' inner workings and subsequently helping me to create appropriate and aspirational targets both with work and life, Roberta’s business and life experience, combined with her personable approach, has proved incredibly helpful in triggering the growth and on-going success of the business, as well as a stronger sense of direction for me on a personal level. The two are inextricably linked for me, so to have the benefit of both the coaching and the consulting has proved especially useful."
—Arran Scott-Lidgett
Principal, Everything In Between, London