think differently.

Organic change is constant and inevitable, but intentional change comes from within and takes vision, action and choice. To drive positive transformation we need to discover a new way of being, thinking, and doing.

Whether working with individuals, teams or at an organisational level, I help my clients challenge their mindset by providing them with the appropriate methodologies to overcome the natural resistance to letting go of the familiar, and to reinvent themselves.

My approach draws on applied positive psychology, brand strategy, and coaching. They all bring about transformation; each calls on us to feel and think differently; use imagination and empathy, to innovate, play, and experiment to allow for continued learning and growth.

Every situation is unique, so I apply a personalised approach based on my clients’ needs. These are some of the tools I use:


By definition, positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing and an applied approach to optimal functioning. It is the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organisations to thrive.

Learn how I use its principles and interventions in consulting.


The most powerful brands communicate with clarity and conviction, and behave with purpose, internally and externally. When brand strategic decisions align with the needs of internal stakeholders, in an authentic and meaningful manner, a strong cultural ground is built. Then sustainability and profitability
work synergetically. By mixing brand strategy and coaching, I uniquely support leaders and organisations to transform themselves and their culture, from within. 


Whether it focuses on the individual or a team (system), the premise of coaching is that we all are innately creative, resourceful and whole; we don’t need to be ‘fixed’. We can recover, learn and grow by finding answers within ourselves. Coaching is a highly collaborative and empowering process that allows us to reclaim our deepest purpose. It taps into the invisible richness that resides within individuals, teams and organisation; that which that is emerging and hasn't been manifested, yet. 

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"Roberta is a unique thinker. A strategist who elegantly combines practical concepts with a deeply sensitive understanding of people, psychology and the human condition. Roberta knows how to get in the "grey area" of the mind and identify solutions that are distinctively relevant and have a heart. She is not just an exceptional professional but also an exceptional human being and a joy to work with."
—Leah Caplan
Design Consultant, New York